NVG10 – Digital Night Vision

OK, So awhile back Gene told me about this little device (we talked about it on the show). First, if you have the money don’t get this and just get a good PVS-14. This is NOT a replacement. That said I’m cheep, and wanted something I can put in my truck and not worry about it (damage, theft, and to use).

Also let me issue a disclaimer that I did work with the Guys over at Good Nite Gear and they were nice enough to give me a promo code (NVG-10: Coupon Code dudenamedben 10% off).

First thoughts: not bad. OK so the NVG10 is Chinese and digital. It is not a replacement for analog night vision. It has a good feel, and is rated to be IP66 (we will see if this is true).

The first NVG10 I received had… issues… granted it was an open box item. That said the guys over at Good Nite Gear where helpful in getting a working device. I will say that you can get the NVG10 a little cheaper on Amazon, but the support from GNG and the fact that I’m not supporting Amazon all the better.

This is the best digital night vision I have seen, I grant you that I have not used the $1000+ models. For me if I’m going to spend that much money I am getting an analog gen 2+ or used.

I liked it enough to have one for my truck and have my Dad get one to fight the beavers on his property.

As I get more time on this NVG I will update this post!

After playing with the NVG10 there are some settings you need to know to use it effectively

1) IR: Press and hold the right arrow button until the display changes to show “IR on” this will disable the IR illumination until you tap the right arrow again then it will show “IR1” if tapped again it will cycle through “IR2” and “IR3”.

2) Display brightness: Press and hold the left button until the Menu is displayed use the Arrow buttons to select “Brightness” this will allow you to then select the brightness of the display (default is 5) use the lowest setting that given the light conditions is appropriate. The “Auto” setting is too bright for me but may work for you.

3) green: tap the right arrow to switch between green and white display

4) zoom: tapping the let arrow should zoom the display ( I am telling you this so if it happens accidentally you know how to change it)

My NVG setup (more accessories coming including some from Aliexpress that I will also review)