About the Dude Named Ben

Professional bio:

I have over 15 years of experience in the Power, Oil & Gas, and other Industrial sectors. I work with end users and OEMs to develop technology stacks and secure architectures. I have deep knowledge of NERC CIP, NIST, ITIL, ISA 99/IEC 62443, and MITRE ATT&CK for ICS. I have a long established track record of working with industry to recognize and ameliorate cybersecurity risks to infrastructure and human safety.

The personal side:

I grew up in a very political family. The first time I went to DC to lobby congress with my family I was a whopping 5 years old. My parents started by teaching me to think critically and to read original source materials vs relying on the interpretations of others. I am very thankful to them for this as it has led to my success both privately and professionally.

My politics:

This can be summed up with “leave me the hell alone, and I will leave you the hell alone”. I am NOT a big R Republican, I am not a big L Libertarian. I am not a “joiner”.

Where did “Dude named Ben” come from:

Ok this is a bit of a histiory lesson and connection to another podcast ( the No Agenda Show) that my CO-host Gene and I share. In 2014 during a congressional hearing regarding the IRS scandal this happened, and this clip was played on No Agenda.


Needless to Say I was not the only IT / Cybersecurity guy to jump on the bandwagon, but it stuck as a joke with close friends and others who listen to NA and know me well.

More to come when I feel like updating this…