Weather, ERCOT, and Renewables

The Fallowing is a point made by a good friend of mine about the Texas grid this morning.

“Current demand this morning of 71648 mw and renewables along with batteries combine for 5003 mws yet the federal government wants to go strictly with renewables. Fossil and nuclear is the only thing keeping the grid from failing.”

Wind, Solar, and Batteries cannot replace base load thermal units. We need Gas, Coal, and Nuclear power!

Power Plants Owed Nothing To Uri Consumers – Nor Should They!

“conclude that Texas does not currently recognize a legal duty owed by wholesale power generators to retail consumers to provide continuous electricity to the electric grid, and ultimately, to the retail consumers, under the allegations pleaded here by the retail consumers,” Justice Adams

Power plants did EVERYTHING they could to stay on line. The issue with Uri was systemic, from renewables and batteries that had issues to gas compressor stations that where NOT listed as critical infrastructure.

we came very close during Uri to a society changing event, the lesson should be (IMHO) more base load is needed to keep ERCOT stable at peak load and during major weather events!

China vs NS Savannah

The US had a nuclear powered cargo ship in the 1950s the NS Savannah. Operation costs as well as non proliferation concerns ultimately was its down fall. It is clear that the CCP does not share in these concerns. The US has and has had the technology to compete the question is one of will. Will the US in light of China start to see its own nuclear merchant fleet? The American Bureau of Shipping ( has plans if the regulators will allow it.