AFT Shooting

Given the news of this shooting is still unfolding I will refrain from commenting too much. Needless to say I am of the opinion that the ATF overstepped and Mr. Malinowski did not need to die. The ATF had no need of a “No Knock raid”. This was a man who clearly was not selling firearms for a living. He could have been approached at work or his home during normal hours and an ATF agent would not have been injured and Mr. Malinowski would not have lost his life.

Contact Information: Bud Cummins
(501) 831-6125
Release Date: March 21, 2024
Attorney Bud Cummins, acting as a spokesperson for the Malinowski family, related
the following statement today on behalf of the family:
Our family has endured an unspeakable tragedy and one that is almost
impossible to understand. We are mourning the loss of Bryan, who passed
away earlier today.
Our thoughts and prayers also go out to the government agent who was injured
yesterday, and to his family.
We do not understand the government’s decisions which led to a dawn raid on
a private home and triggered the use of deadly force.
We are obviously concerned about the allegations in the affidavit released by
the government today. Even if the allegations in the affidavit are true, they
don’t begin to justify what happened.
At worst, Bryan Malinowski, a gun owner and gun enthusiast, stood accused
of making private firearm sales to a person who may not have been legally
entitled to purchase the guns.
For now, we will wait for all the facts to come out. In the meantime, we ask
that the public and the media respect our privacy.

The redacted search warrant is linked below.